" This work is about my exploration into the ephemeral qualities of twilight. I am interested in resolving the discord between the frenzied and meditative elements of time. There's no real way to control momentum, but we have all been witnesses to its varying speeds. We live in a frenetic world, in which we have perceived the fleeting comings and goings of the days, weeks, months and years. We also have had moments that are frozen, and our recall of those moments help to magically recycle our relationship to time and space. Sometimes it feels like déjà vu. Twilight happens to be one of my favorite times of day. It is where the light greets the darkness, with a short pause. Color becomes intensified, and the structure of the sky and ground are in flux, creating visual and emotional depth. Twilight holds in it a feeling of two worlds - a beginning and an end." - Carol Pelletier