These images are based on my connection to memory and ethereal space, created by dramatic and reflected light. My studio practice is influenced by the seasonal shifts that occur in New England, where both intense and de-saturated color are in constant flux. Carrying the experiences of each season, my process becomes a practiced meditation revealing subtleties of movement, a back and forth kind of movement capturing the horizontal line.  Yet this imagery is also about time, the restlessness of time and making time stop (as if I could magically); I call it, “slowing down”.

Technically, the surface undergoes several permutations before the arrangement of opaque and transparent color become still and quiet. Working through layers of pigmented and semi-transparent cold wax, I allow the history of a previous layer to be revealed. This creates a rhythm, a cadence of some sort. The horizontal lines above and below vibrate against one another, sometimes in a disruptive manner and it’s only when I have found the silence that a shift occurs towards the sublime.  This is my way of documenting, through an instinctual but reflective process, always seeking a balance between the filled and silent spaces of my own mind.